Just Because

Taking the Learning Curve….

When I took drivers education there was a lot interest in how fast you could take a curve.  The muscle cars of  my youth certainly allowed for plenty of power and speed.  Trouble is if you put on too much speed, you can spin-out which puts you in the ditch, hospital or even a pine box.  In college there was a lot of laughing about the learning curve and how fast you could take it.  Like the traffic sign that has a black curve in the caution triangle with the miles/per hour posted below it.  We thought it was funny trying to learn faster and faster–like seeing how fast you could take the curve without a spin-out.

Curves ahead

I started a new job in a new area of business and boy oh boy there are S turns galore.  I have spun-out a couple of times…..

Like most adults, I think I should be able to learn new things fairly easily.  After all, I have survived several decades of life experience as well as formal learning in school.  Too bad my brain hasn’t gotten the memo.  I find myself frustrated and wishing I could go faster, faster, faster!

In reality, I am well within the learning curve with the 60% in the middle of the bell with 20% on the down side and 20% on the ahead side.  I just wanted to be on the ahead side of the bell curve.  I need to pause to remind myself that speed can contribute to the spin-out.  Taking it steady and keeping my eyes on the way ahead is the most reliable way to go.

Reliable, while not always fast or fun, definitely gets the job done.   Later as I  build-up speed I’ll take the curve faster.  Starting over in a new area of business can be daunting at times.  Each new venture is punctuated with curves and more learning.  Keeping focus and a clear head can help avoid a nasty spin-out.

There really is a ton of exhilaration in the new thing–what ever it is!  It feels great to know that you have this untapped capacity.   This is encouraging to me and I hope it is for anyone else who is “re-inventing” themselves.

Bring on the curves!