Just Because

Did anyone say focus?

Focus.  That is what I need today.  My head is everywhere–the difficult conversation I had with Mom before I left the house, the weather report proclaiming heat index in 3 digits for Friday/Saturday, and the last story I heard on NPR as I arrived at the office about how a state/city should attract new jobs.  Talk about “fruit basket upset”!

I am relieved to have had the talk with Mom about the stuff (all precious to her) that she hasn’t seen in over 4 years in a storage locker in the town she used to live in about 2 hours away.  She is pondering that during the day today.  I had to tell her she can’t afford to keep it anymore and she should donate the usable items to others that can use them.  I have been putting this off for a really long time–not wanting to rock the boat.  Now that it is said I feel better but she fells worse.  But I can tell she see’s the logic in it.  Dad used to say:  “Don’t confuse me with logic–I’ve already made-up my mind!”  No doubt where she’s at, trying to make herself agree.

The weather report for the holiday weekend is daunting.  I was thinking a nice breeze, drinking coffee or wine in the backyard and reading a book.  Since we cannot make the weather (yet?), I will simply have to adjust.  See how the logic is trying to overcome the emotion??? Hummm….

Jobs, jobs, jobs–how sincerely we talk about it and how little seems to be getting done!  Listening intently to the economists and trying to understand what they are saying is becoming more than an idle pastime.  What is the right path out of this forest?  I’m sure they are trying to communicate the path but it isn’t coming through the emotional trees in front of my face.  Can’t think of folks more logical than economists (except for maybe mechanical engineers!:)) yet we cannot seem to get past the jumbled feelings that come with uncertainty.

Like I said–focus!  Anyone who has listened to TV, reads magaList cartoonzine articles or organized a family into a routine knows some of the keys to focus.  Stay grounded, make lists, and develop a schedule.  These are just a few of the abundant hints. Then why is it so hard?

The pure logic of it is dragging/pulling me  kicking and screaming into starting a list……