Reason to Believe

Holding On

Have you ever wanted to just let go and give up?  Tempting I know—we sometimes look for the smallest of excuses.  It’s too hot to do that now.  I have a headache.  It isn’t my job.  Who cares anyway?  What difference does it make?

Usually the work, the task, the stuff is still there when I return from my little rebellious tizzy.  The pity party for one.  So usually it doesn’t really matter if I do it now or later.  But sometimes it does.  Sometimes it’s not just you involved, it’s the people who are watching you.  As most of us learned when we were children, someone is usually noticing and watching just at the time we wish they weren’t.

Last Friday when I got in the car to drive home from work, exhausted, hot, crabby and ready to give up I noticed a katydid on my hood.  His or her bright green body and white dot eyes were hard not to notice.     I wondered when he would get off the car.  I touched him very lightly to see if he would fly away.  With a bit of a hop away from my finger, he turned his back on me.  I got in and drove away.

Imagine my surprise when I merged onto the toll way and the little guy is still there.  I drove the normal pace which is 5-8 miles over the posted limit with other cars whizzing and big trucks whining past me.  And still he held on.

You guessed it—he was still there when I arrived at home half an hour later!  When I got out of the car, I lightly touched him again.  He didn’t turn his back on me—he seemed to look right at me—but he didn’t fly away.   He wasn’t ready to give up.  The steady wind of the car and the turbulence of the other vehicles were much tougher than my finger.  He didn’t give up then either.  Despite myself, I had to smile.  “Thanks!” I said and went inside the house.  Oh I was still hot, exhausted and crabby but I was no longer ready to give up.  Someone is noticing and watching you.

What is it that you want to just give up?  Who is noticing and watching you?

Don’t give up!

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